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Our team of dedicated professionals will be delighted to provide you with expert advice, efficient assistance and unrivalled customer service in all matters relevant to your prospective migration to Australia.

Definition: PERSONA GRATA  (Latin. – meaning `personally acceptable or welcome person`)

Immigration is a very complex process and can be an extremely tough challenge, especially for those unfamiliar with the maze of Australian migration laws and regulations.  At `AUSTRALIA PERSONA GRATA` we understand all needs and wants of prospective migrants and always take an ultimate care of our clients` visa applications.

Have a complete peace of mind with our professional assistance and migrate to Australia hassle-free!

"Ubi bene ibi patria"("My homeland is where I am at ease") - Cicero, ancient Roman lawyer and philosopher

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We provide the full range of migration services from the client`s initial queries  till the visa grant stage (and even beyond should the client wants us to keep assisting him or her further!) to all who wish to migrate, study or work in Australia. We also offer comprehensive business solutions and provide valuable business services to those who wish set up and run their own business in Australia.

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Currently we are the only fully Australian-owned migration bureau and educational agency with a permanent office in the Baltic states region (North East of Europe). Based in
our Tallinn office we provide professional assistance and services to clients from Estonia, Latvia Lithuania and other ex-USSR countries. We welcome clients from any part of the world also.

Our primary objective has always been to maximize the chances of your visa application to be successful and minimize delays of its processing. We are to help you understand better the Australian immigration laws, relieve you from the burden of excessive "red tape" and confusing forms and ensure your smooth transition to Australia from the country of your usual residence.

Immigration Services

What we gladly do for you:

  • We conduct an extensive and in-depth preliminary assessment of your eligibility to migrate to Australia under the different visa categories in order to establish which visa suits you best.

  • We work our the strategic planning of your prospective migration and develop efficient migration scenarios and options suitable to your individual circumstances.

  • We provide you with an expert and detailed advice on all matters relevant to your prospective migration to Australia (general migration issues, visa applications, lodgment  and processing procedures, etc).

  • We navigate you with care and guide you delicately through all stages of migration process to ensure it is as smooth and pleasant as possible.

  • We fill in all required forms and visa applications on your behalf and prepare your visa applications for lodgement.

  • We expertly advise you as to the supporting evidence (documents) you need to supply to be attached to your visa applications.

  • We prepare, compile and collate your visa file (visa application supplemented by all required supporting evidence) to ensure it is complete and in the `decision-ready` condition.

  • We prepare a detailed submission document addressing all vital aspects of your visa application in conjunction with the currently valid Australian migration laws prior to your visa application is lodged.

  • We lodge your visa applications and  set of supporting evidence required to be attached with the appropriate DIAC office on your behalf.

  • We monitor the progress of your visa application at all stages  after lodgement and liaise with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship of Australia (DIAC) on your behalf until its processing is finalized.

  • We keep you updated as to the progress of your visa application and attend diligently to all your queries and/or requests in the meantime.

Also we are pleased to provide you with:

Expert advice and comprehensive assistance on all aspects of skilled migration to Australia.

Please, refer to the special Booklet provided by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) for the general information about the Skilled Migration.

Expert advice and comprehensive assistance on all aspects of business migration to Australia.

Please, refer to the special Booklet provided by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) for the general information about the Business Migration.

Expert advice and comprehensive assistance on all aspects of partner (spouse) migration to Australia (or family reunion).

Please, refer to the special Booklet provided by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) for the general information about  the Partner Migration.

Expert advice and efficient assistance on student visas applications including up-to date information about schools and universities in Melbourne and across Australia as well as home stay support for students arriving from overseas.

Please, refer to the information provided by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) for the full coverage of details relevant to the Student Visas

All-purpose support for students during their stay and study in Australia.

Expert advice and comprehensive assistance to overseas students graduating from educational institutions in Australia to apply for Permanent Residence in Australia.

Expert advice and comprehensive assistance with setting up business in Australia including legal entity (company) registration, ABN registration, accounting support, corporate law issues, taxation, obtaining licenses and permits, etc (please, see the `Business Services` section for more details).

Comprehensive assistance with obtaining temporary visas to Australia and extensions of visas while already in Australia.

Assistance with accommodation, employment search, children care and household needs after you arrive in Australia.

The above list of services can go easily on and on as we can assist our clients with everything (within the legal framework, of course!) in relation to their immigration, business and settling down in Australia.

Please, browse our web site contents to get a better idea about the services we offer!

Our business philosophy is based on two major principles:

“See the bigger picture” meaning that we endeavor to explore any possible opportunity in order to structure immigration cases scenarios for our clients in the most efficient way.

“Every client is unique for us” meaning we approach every client on a strictly individual basis and adjust ourselves to his or her particular circumstances and details while providing our services to achieve the best possible result.


You will be pleased and delighted while dealing with us because:

We are friendly and flexible.

We work for you - not the other way around.

We talk to you in plain and simple language - not legal or technical jargon.

We provide personalized service tailored to your particular needs.

We provide you with honest upfront assessment of your options to make sure you know your current situation.

We navigate you through the process so you know what is likely or unlikely to happen, how, when and why.

We keep you up to date with changes in laws and regulations that may impact on you (Bear in mind that forewarned is forearmed).

We assist you in making important in the most cost efficient way.

We are quick to return your e-mails and telephone calls.

We are easy to negotiate fees.

We avoid surprises or hidden charges.

We can cater for all your needs in Australia.


Important note:

Any person inside Australia who uses a knowledge of migration procedures, to offer advice or assistance to a person wishing to obtain a visa, needs to be registered as a migration agent with the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

The Migration Act 1958 and the Migration Agents Regulations lay down strict requirements which must be adhered to by all migration agents.

Our dedicated and highly skilled Migration Agent adheres strictly to the Code of Conduct to which all migration agents must comply in order for them to maintain their registration as an agent.

The Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) can be contacted if you wish to check the requirements of agents.

All our clients are serviced by the expert migration law specialist with an in-depth practical experience in the Australian migration law.


 Please, feel free to contact us, should you have any queries or require any additional information. Thank you!